Philosophy Philosophy

At the age of fifteen I was awed by the artfully created silver jewellery. Jewellery was supposed to be free and unconstrained, it should be able to take any form it wants. I was moved by the unfettered design. It broke my idea of what traditional jewellery was. Soon after this experience I started sculpting. As time passed, I felt held down by the standards and notions of what silver jewellery was supposed to be. I desired to progress and explore my own creativity.

Reflecting on my history, I realized that I did not just want to conform to existing techniques or ideas of what should be the standard but a true artist must create his own style and techniques. I aspire to be a true artist; true in the sense that my pieces, expression, and vision is not bonded to any standard, norm, or tradition but the freedom I saw when I saw my first pieces of silver jewellery.

This is my personal motif and is the motif of the brand I want to bring to you. I do not recall the exact piece that moved me. It was the overall shapes, designs, and feelings of those pieces that created a deep impression in me. The recreation of this experience is what I wish to bestow on our patrons.

Masayoshi Yoshino